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Blue Sky

On June 26, 2009, WildSky Resources Inc. was approved by Mergent Inc.'s editorial board for listing and in Mergent Manuals and News ReportsTM. WildSky Resources Inc. corporate profile, which includes descriptive text data, as well as news and financial statements, is accessible via Mergent's online and print products. As part of Mergent's listing services, WildSky Resources Inc. descriptions will be highlighted separately on the Mergent website (www.mergent.com).

The Mergent Manuals are recognized securities manuals in 38 states in the United States for the purposes of the Blue Sky manual exemption allowing market trading in those states. First published in 1918, and formerly known as Moody'sTM Manuals and News Reports, the publications were re-branded as Mergent's Manuals and News Reports when Mergent acquired Moody'sTM Financial Information Services division in 1998.

Even though the Mergent Manuals are recognized in 38 states, please confirm all exemptions with your compliance department as there are no assurances that exemptions are available.

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